Angular 6 Release : Top Upgrades and Features

If you have been an avid user of Angular 5, it’s time to come out of your comfort zone as the next version of the framework has been released - Angular 6. Angular has already gone through a power packed year in 2017 with 2 major releases in 9 months with the arrival of... Read More

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How Slack and other businesses are winning because of Outsourcing.

Outsourcing.A word that seems to have both positive and negative connotations in the corporate world.

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Offshore vs Nearshore vs Inhouse - The best for your business. 

When companies run low on talent and high on costs, outsourcing is often the norm of tech town.The industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. To put it in perspective, here are some numbers.

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6 Misconceptions about Offshore Software Development 

In the USA even though 56% startups outsource their software development and 31% of IT is outsourced there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about outsourcing. One could argue that it was for a reason.

Poorly written code, failed projects and unhappy clients had scared away...

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5 Secret Tips to Managing Offshore Software Development Teams!

“The important thing about Offshoring or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.” - Azim Premji.Offshoring has never taken the center-stage like it does today.Technological evolution has been on...

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9 Best Practices for Outsourcing Software Development

IT Outsourcing is one of the largest industries in the new-age world.Recent reports from Statista suggest that the market cap has reached an unprecedented height of $88.9 Billion!Another report from CodingSans reiterates this by stating that 56% of the startups in the US have...

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